Ascension Holistic Health Center
Dr. Stephan A. Siele
200 W. River St. Suite 302
Ketchum ID 83340

Local & Toll Free # (888) 251-6653

You don't need to spend your whole life depending on medications to reduce your allergies. Our bodies are designed to be healthy and allergy-free. There have been incredible advancements made in Allergy Relief. Allergies are not something you have to live with.

I think you'll find we're a little different from other health care providers. It's not just our commitment to providing first-class heath care through natural allergy treatments - though that's part of it. It's our whole philosophy; our friendly team helps you become as healthy as you choose. We try to help you understand your choices about health, and then let you make an informed choice.

Our commitment is to providing the highest quality of care for our patients.

If you're ready to take control of your health, once and for all,
give us a call today. (888) 251-6653


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